Crop Insurance 2: Introduction to Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Crop Insurance

Participants will review costs and benefits of WFRP crop insurance and learn about eligibility, the application process, required farming practices and record keeping. They will be advised on where to find assistance with accessing information about WFRP, decision making, program application, compliance, and, when appropriate, collecting payments. Trainers may need to begin by reviewing what was learned about Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP), from Module 1: Introduction to Crop Insurance. This teaching resource was developed by Linda Seyler of Global Garden Refugee Training Farm in Chicago, in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions).

Media: Digital Download

Language: English

Population Type: Immigrant, Refugee

Organization: Global Garden Refugee Training Farm, Chicago, IL


Crop Insurance 2: Users Guide

Powerpoint: How to Access Whole Farm Revenue Protection Crop Insurance

Related Program(s): Farmer Training

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