Farmers Markets and Farm Stands

Farmers Market

Preparing a good farmers market stand is difficult and there are a lot of tips and tricks that New American farmers need to learn. This training gives them that, while focusing on the skills that they may not have yet to make them good salespeople. The users guide is a guide to the PowerPoint and to the activities that are used in a two to three-hour classroom session with students. This teaching resource was developed by Cultivating Community in Portland, ME in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on this lesson, which is now integrated throughout the guide.

Media: Digital Download

Language: English

Incubator Type: Urban, Rural, Peri-urban

Population Type: Immigrant, Refugee

Organization: Cultivating Communities Portland ME


Farmers Market and Farm Stands Users Guide

Farm Stand Supplies Handout

Vegetable Names for Printing

Price Cards and Giving Change

Farmers Market and Farm Stands Powerpoint

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