Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling Standard Operating Procedures

Harvest and Post-Harvest

This workshop gives the trainer an opportunity to explain what a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is and walks through an SOP for when to wash your hands, how to wash your hands, and what produce to wash. It also introduces some common vocabulary around the wash station so that farmers and trainers can start to use the same language. The workshop goes on to set up a common harvest and post-harvest handling SOP for greens and for roots, which then can be hung up in the wash station to remind farmers of the proper SOP to follow.

Media: Digital Download

Language: English

Incubator Type: Urban, Rural, Peri-urban

Population Type: Immigrant, Refugee

Organization: Cultivating Community Portland ME


Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling Overview

Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling SOPs Powerpoint

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