How to Prepare for the WFRP Application: A Guide for Trainers and Farm Advisors

Whole Farm Revenue Program

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is a complex and potentially everchanging partnership between the federal government and private crop insurance providers. This module provides a general orientation to WFRP for trainers, links to resources that will allow trainers to access up-to-date information, and guidelines on how to introduce beginning refugee farmers to WFRP. It is suggested that trainers seek to make refugee farmers aware of the potential benefits and costs of WFRP (Activities 1 and 2), and to provide additional technical assistance and advocacy only for those farmers who choose to learn more and/or apply for WFRP. Farmers who are not proficient and literate in English should not attempt to purchase WFRP without the support of a trusted, bilingual advocate who can insure that the farmer understands all of a WFRP policy’s provisions and requirements.

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Language: English

Population Type: Immigrant, Refugee


Whole Farm Revenue Protection for Trainers User's Guide

Sample Farm Operation Report Spreadsheet

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