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Participatory Benchmarking Tool

participatory benchmarking

This guide shows trainers and staff how to use the benchmarking/competency tool with participants to assess skills, knowledge, and performance through self- and staff-administered assessments.

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Micro-producer Academy: Program Overview

program orientation

This is module 1 in a series of 8 modules in the International Rescue Committee’s Micro-producer Academy. Farmers get an overview of the program, its context, and what they can expect from their participation in it.

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Farmer-Centered Goal Setting

Farmer-Centered Goal Setting

This guide will help you use the farmer-centered goal setting ‘questionnaire’ tool one-on-one with farmers.

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Cover Crops 1: Which Cover Crops Will You Use?

Cover Crops

This guide can be used by trainers who want to assist pre-literate and/or English- as a second language-speaking farmers with including cover crops in vegetable production and other crop rotation schedules.

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