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Weed Management and Hardpan

Weed Management

Using this guide, farmers will learn about weeds, why it is important to manage them, and about different tools, techniques, and approaches for weed management they can use in their fields. They also review the effect of tilling on soil health.

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Seedbank and Weed Management

Seedbank and Weed Management

This resource is designed to be a module in Cultivating Community’s Advanced Farm Production curriculum. Built for farmers who are familiar with the difficulty of weed management and frustrated by crop quality and pest problems that result from weed competition, this workshop is a standalone class designed to emphasize the value of preventing weeds from going to seed.

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Cover Crops 1: Which Cover Crops Will You Use?

Cover Crops

This guide can be used by trainers who want to assist pre-literate and/or English- as a second language-speaking farmers with including cover crops in vegetable production and other crop rotation schedules.

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