Participatory Benchmarking Tool

participatory benchmarking

This guide shows trainers and staff how to use the benchmarking/competency tool with participants to assess skills, knowledge, and performance through self- and staff-administered assessments. You may use the provided materials and tools, or you may develop your own criteria/competencies as needed for your program. This teaching resource was developed by International Rescue Committee in Charlottesville, VA in partnership with the Institute for Social and Economic Development (ISED Solutions). Refugee farmer training programs across the country provided feedback on this lesson, which is now integrated throughout the guide.

Media: Digital Download

Language: English

Incubator Type: Urban, Rural, Peri-urban

Population Type: Immigrant, Refugee

Organization: IRC Charlottesville, VA


Participatory Benchmarking Tool Users Guide

1. Farmer Goals Worksheet

2. Farmer Assessment

3. Competency and Goal Setting Flashcards

4. Internal Competencies Assessment

5. Skills Chart

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